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I said the blog would be dormant till my return to Europe. But this little update is a must.

Here I described my experience of a truffle farm in Quercy Blanc. The owner, Rémy Rothan, has just sent me photos of this year’s successful truffle dig, or cavage, which is still proceeding. As you can see, one of the truffles is massive. While not attracting the price of an Italian bianco, these beauties of Quercy, which I’ve only had the privilege of smelling, are superb truffles.

Any pilgrim proceeding from Cahors and now in the vicinity of Remy’s farm, Trigodina (old Occitan meaning “Late-for-Dinner”), really should think about stopping there. Watching pigs, dogs and humans collaborate to discover these black rubies must be thrilling, and the family are happy to involve guests in the experience.

Good boy…and good pooch!

Hey, feels good to be blogging Jacquerie again!

I’m still a pilgrim.


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